Sheet pile pressing machine DCP 4-ram Push Pull


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Sheet pile pressing machine DCP 4-ram Push Pull
  • Sheet pile pressing machine DCP 4-ram Push Pull


The hydraulic sheet pile pressing machine available for rent at Foundiz are specially designed for use in combination with a crawler crane or leader guided with a piling rig or multi-purpose rig. With these so called DCP "Push Pull" machines steel sheet piles or box piles can be pushed vibration free into the soil or extracted. The piles can be handled by means of steel chains, sling or special lifting tools. With the large capacity hydraulic clamps the sheet piles can be positioned into place and than pushed into the soil. While pushing one sheet pile the previous sheet pile is clamped to obtain reaction force. Because most of the reaction force is retrieved from surrounding sheet piles into the soil the Push Pull sheet pile pressing machines can be used as free suspended (except the 2-ram machine) It is also possible to use the DPC Push Pull machine in combination with a leader guided piling rig or multi-purpose rig. In those cases the DCP Push Pull needs to be equipped with a mounting plate with leader guidance brackets.   


- Robust, reliable, very powerful and is powered by a separate power pack (except in case of multi-purpose rig)

- Fast work sequence in combination with crawler crane or multi-purpose rig

- Top of sheet piles can have some level variations, less limitations to proceed compared to Silent Piler machines

- The DCP "Push Pull" hydraulic pressing machines in general are delivered as set with a power pack as "plug and play" 

- Remote controlled when it comes to pressing operation and clamp function

- Foundiz also offers drive-ability assessments where on the basis of machine capacity, soil investigation results and pile specifications the most suitable pressing machine is determined.


* Number of rams (pcs)  4

* Suitable for U- and Z-piles

* Maximum push or pull force per ram (kN) 2078 kN

* Maximum cilinder stroke (mm) 600

* Maximum press speed per cilinder (mm/min) 5890

* Hydraulic work pressure (bar) 350

* Weight (kg) approx. 13.000

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