Drilling Rig Woltman 90DR

Drilling Rig Woltman 90DR
  • Drilling Rig Woltman 90DR


The Woltman 90DR  is a large drilling rig. With an operation weight of approx. 90 tons this robust drilling rig has an impressive capacity. This driling rig has easy manouvre skills and has a fast working speed which results in a high daily production. This Woltman 90DR is equipped with a box leader which is capable of bearing high torque forces. This makes this drilling rig very suitable for the installation of CFA piles,  soil displacement piles and also steel casing piles with grout injection. By means of an hydraulic spotter the piles can be positioned fast and accurate onthe the right spot. The Woltman 90DR is equipped with a powerful diesel engine which can be used for powering a rotary head, vibratory hammer, sheet pile pressing machine or hydraulic impact hammer. Therefore this drilling rig is very suitable for various projects on the most challenging project locations.  

  • Operational weight (kg) 90 000
  • Advised rotary head (kNm) 450
  • Max pile length (m) 27,5
  • Engine power (kW / hp)  583 / 800
  • Main winch (kg) 12 500
  • Pull down (kg) 20 000

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