Vibro hammer with 0 - 928 kN centrifugal force and 0 - 16 kgm excentric moment

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Foundiz offers vibratory hammers for rent which are specially designed for use in combination with a piling rig, multi-purpose rig or crawler crane. With these vibratory hammers steel piles, sheet piles or other foundation elements can driven into the soil or extracted from the soil. The piles can be lifted by means of a chain, steel sling or special lifting tools. After positioning the piles can be grabbed by the hydraulic clamp of the vibro. After clamping the piles are ready to be driven into the soil by high frequent vibrations. During driving the vibratory hammer also provides an additional down force on the pile by it's own weight. This will increase the penetration speed of the pile. When using a piling rig or multipurpose rig the vibro can be supported by a pull-down force which also contributes to a higher penetration speed. With a vibratory hammmer it is possible to perform lots of other foundation applications like deep compaction, vibrating temporary casings for bored piles, driven cast-in-situ piles, vertical ground anchors and the performance of vertical screens into the soil.


- Robust, reliable and separately powered by an hydraulic power pack

- Fast work sequence in combination with crawler crane or piling rig

- Free suspended vibratory hammer are delivered as a set with a power pack "plug and play"

- Remote controlled for vibrating and clamping

- Foundiz also provides drive-ability assessments based on vibro type, soil investigation and pile specifications. By means of a drive-ability assessment the best suitable vibro can be determined


* Excentric moment (kgm) 0 - 16

* Centrifugal force (kN) 0 - 928 kN

* Maximum amplitude (mm) 14,0

* Hydraulic pressure (bar) 350

* Maximum line-pull (kN) 240

* Transport weight vibro + clamp + hose set (kg) approx. 5 000