About us

Foundiz makes the difference compared to the normal “old school” equipment suppliers. Foundiz offers by far the most widest product range for all different kinds of foundation techniques. Besides selling and renting out piling equipment we can advise you regarding the use of this piling equipment for several applications. By performing drive-ability assessments we provide a valuable consultancy service. Based on pile specifications and soil investigation reports we determine the most suitable piling equipment for the job. We support also our customers in making the right choice when it comes to equipment purchase. Thanks to decades of experience in the fields of geotechnical engineering, foundation technologies and piling equipment manufacturing we really support you in making the right decision. Our support makes sure your piling equipment is suitable for the job. This will help you to increase efficiency, quality and in the end a better project result including a better profit! This rental webshop is a good example. We give you the opportunity to order the required rental equipment fast and efficient. And if you are doubting about the right machine? Please ask our support for example by means of a drive-ability assessement. You can order this consultancy service also fast and online on this webshop.