Rent a Multigrip

Rent now easy and fast your Multigrip vibro at Foundiz. A Multigrip vibro which sometimes is also called a Side Grip is suitable for driving steel casing piles, steel beams and sheet piles into the soil. Foundiz has several types of vibro's available in its rental fleet such as Multigrip vibro's but also standard excavator mounted vibro's, also known as EMV's. Both Multigrip and EMV vibratory hammers can be driven by an hydraulic excavator. The Multigrip vibro's of Foundiz are very suitable for working in spaces with limited access or small spaces. The big advantage of Multigrip machines is that the piles can be driven into the soil while grabbing them from the side. Beside that the Multigrip has also an universal clamp at the underside which makes it possible to drive the last part of the pile into the soil. You want to be sure to choose the right machine? We provide consultancy services. Based on your project information we determine if the vibro is the most suitable machine for the job. This guarantees you an efficient and fast performance on your project.